‘For the romantics’ and photographers who are looking to get a glimpse of the sun setting in the west Mediterranean Sea

Once I have picked you up at your desired location and appropriate time; we’ll spend time together in the friendliest atmosphere and we will also;

  • Travel to the best view points in Malta and on our way stop in one of the quietest villages in Malta.

  • There we will buy our ingredients, and meet local farmers coming back from a hard day’s work in their fields.

  • Head to our chosen spot and have a fun filled lesson in basic Maltese cooking.

  • Followed by dinner prepared with lots of interesting ingredients!

  • We will always get to see the sun set!


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  1. Peter Elsasser

    Looking for something ‘special’ for my wife’s birthday
    sightseeing, food, wine, landscape, sea, by car (cabriolet / convertible) or by boat
    day or half day tour, afternoon / sunset on sathurday 18.04. or sunday 19.04. possible?
    Kindly ask for your suggestion. Private tour for two persons. price?
    Many thanks in advance!
    best regards Peter

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