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Everyone is creative – but everyone has different opinions of what it is! Creativity  has and will always be my back bone – It has given me a sense of freedom in my life and this has transpired clearly!

I am an award winning chef, world traveler, self taught artist, photographer, yoga instructor and said to be fun loving person.

Travelling extensively around the world, and giving stellar service to guests all my life have inspired me to come up with my unique concept in giving you and other visitors alike, the real experience of seeing our beautiful islands like a local would or even better!

I continue to come up with new ideas to share these experiences with you.

At the age of 21 dancing away to Sinatra’s “My Way” at a glitz dinner dance, my mum told me that I “always did it my way”. The next day I left on my travels and I never looked back!

People often think that once you grow – that’s it – no more fun allowed!  Many a times others will tell you “to act your age too”

I just laugh. I will never allow myself to become old!


Born in the 70’s in Canberra, Australia and bred in the Mediterranean’s best kept secret, Malta. Born June 26th, 2017Karl

Born June 26th, 2017Karl


Has 2 cool brothers and beautiful 2 sisters, his parents are most lovable Mary and Joseph Family May 6th, 2015Karl

Family May 6th, 2015Karl

First Job

Sold nails screws and paints in one of the busiest hardware store as a teenager. First Job May 6th, 2015Karl

First Job May 6th, 2015Karl


Studied tourism, mastered gastronomy, enjoyed wining but still practicing the art of living Studies May 6th, 2015Karl

Studies May 6th, 2015Karl


Travelled extensively since the 90’s, covering only 22% of the world with more places to go Travel September 23rd, 2016Karl

Travel September 23rd, 2016Karl


Owned a restaurant at 26, ran several others, burned one down Enterprise May 6th, 2015Karl

Enterprise May 6th, 2015Karl


Cooked dishes in the air, land and sea and won various awards across the globe. Cooking May 6th, 2015Karl

Cooking May 6th, 2015Karl


Prepared food for the poorest soul in Hampi, India to Royal VIPs in the Middle East Experience May 6th, 2015Karl

Experience May 6th, 2015Karl


Passionate for diving especially with sharks, sailing the Med, and lately started archery Hobbies May 6th, 2015Karl

Hobbies May 6th, 2015Karl


Snapped colorful photos in the Galapagos and fluked it by recently winning an award Shooting May 6th, 2015Karl

Shooting May 6th, 2015Karl


Dreams of directing a short inspirational movie and one day going to the moon Dreaming May 6th, 2015Karl

Dreaming May 6th, 2015Karl


Started writing a book 18 years – one day it will be finished Procrastinating May 6th, 2015Karl

Procrastinating May 6th, 2015Karl