April 3, 2015 Karl

Fun day Guided tour Malta and Gozo

Fun day Malta and Gozo


A few days back we had a 2 day tour with a very interesting couple and friends for a Fun day guided tour Malta and Gozo! This tour was an impromptu scheduled day – with no set itinerary. My guests just wanted a few days where they could really just relax and have fun with no where to go but rather just explore – I especially loved every minute of it and I am happy to set it as a new tour on my schedules.

The Fun day Guided tour Malta and Gozo event started at around 10 am when we met up in the foyer of the hotel my guests where staying we had a fun introduction and after got into our cool van and headed off to the first visit which was Qormi – I love this city because it is a hidden Gem. We met some locals there – and also managed to do some local ‘pastizzi ‘cheesecakes made of ricotta wrapped in a flaky pastry – yummy! We also managed to wash them down with some local lager ale served to us from one of the bars next door.

On every private tour we have we always have an element of this free no set itinerary but I never had a full day so our Fun day Guided tour Malta and Gozo was such a special treat for everyone … we continued towards Marsa xlokk where the local fisherman were manning their boats to head off to fish – some were also heading off for some lunch at home before getting back on the sea.

One fisherman took a liking to us and invited us over for a plate of ‘Aljotta’  or what we call bouillabaisse in the culinary world. We made a 50 meter walk into town to Gianni’s modest house; his wife Mary had already prepared a massive pot of soup which I think was made for the next 3 days ahead! She explained to us that they only ate fish and some vegetables – no meat! They believe that meat is a heavy food and does more harm then good! She finished off the soup with lemon squeezed into the soup and mint cut fresh from the garden at the back of her house.

Wine flowed – but I kept back! I had to drive but the rest of the party loved every drop – we had to continue on our Fun day Guided tour Malta and Gozo – but Gianni insisted that we head off for a ride in his boat; Gianni was a character and was kind of disappointed when we said we could not; due to one of our guests feeling not to confident being on a boat after drinking wine! Gianni reminded her that sailors drank rum from morning till night – he drank wine!

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