March 14, 2019 Karl

The Maltese Door

The ins and outs of …….

Every one of us has some kind of fascination, and every country fascinates. Mine are variuos, of course food is one which unfortunately I cannot put aside, it has been my life for now 27 years ( well 46 years as without food we cannot survive ).

One of the other fascinations I have is doors.

I don’t think I’m the only one though especially anyone who has visited Malta. I must say that the local portals are impresssive. The colors and styles are what really strikes you. Few are the people that know the quirks of these amazing carved pieces of wood.

The most intriguing part of these humble abodes are the size, the color, the amazing carvings as well as the simplicity of some, the stone masonry around each and the key holes, last but not least the knockers that are so much of a collectors item now. These door knockers symbolized wealth and extravaganza status, the larger heavier and shinier …………! The simpler if you had any meant lower class or none!

Unfortunately with the fast pace Malta is trotting away with, many of these doors are dissapearing – many have dissapeared – burnt to fuel many of our local bakeries some of which have lost their own door now! This happened before the authorities realized that the colorful paint once burnt became poisonous! At least many others people took the opportunity to start collecting or at least recycle them as new entries for old refurbished and converted farmhouses, or the latest trend converting townhouses and palazzos is one of them.

Boco was one of my latest projects, a challenge an amazing experience which opened and closed new doors for me in life, but if you look carefully or have the opportunity to stay there one day you will notice that for every head board in every room I recycled the doors found inside the house.

Everything that was found at the site was recycled, or used artistically in any way possible. Having the right direction and team was the most important tool. Thankyou Tony, Franz and Anson

These are some before and after ……

And the facade in one of the best Maltese streets …. in Cospiqua.

Yes the doors are the same ones. Strong as ever, back from the nineteenth century. Why Boco ? ….. if you ever ask me I will surely give you a discount or buy you a beer.

So yes doors, my wife to be Simona like myself is another door weirdo, in fact she has a red door tattooed on her arm …. and this will be the theme of our wedding!

Wedding ……? ( Alarm bells )

Let me make you an offer you cannot refuse

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