Born: in the 80s, born and bred in lovely Malta
First job1998 selling hot dogs in fairs
Travel: First time Holland – 1993, managed to set foot on 5 continents – Antartica is left…..still thinking about that one 🙂
Sports: Stareted training athletics in 1992 and did so for 13 years, represented Malta 4 times in the Small Nations games and the European indoor Championships
Family: the youngest of 5 – 1 sister and 3 brothers, aunt to 5 nieces and nephews and a great aunt to one little princess
Pets:  A black dog – gorgeous mix of german shepherd and samoyed and a white semi persian cat
Studies: graduated in Marketing and completed grade 6 in piano
Experience: after working in marketing in the hospitality industry, I was selected to work for a 5 star airline in the UAE, did this amazing job for 4 years and then embarked on a short but great experience at the Milan Expo 2015