April 17, 2015 Karl

Malta Nature Tour

We had decided to meet up in Rabat for a few Malta cheesecakes and a tea before we embark on our Malta nature tour – April is the best of time to enjoy the many wild flowers that are growing in the Malta and Gozo landscape.

We met at tas serkien in Rabat and after our quick snack we left for Mtahleb – Our Malta Nature Tour would be one of the best; we arrived on sight around 6:30 am when the birds where already buzzing around us. We continued towards il blata il bajda tal melh and on the way there one could really appreciate what fauna we have on our islands and how beautiful this season is – my guiests from Holland where just flabbergasted with the wild flowers and plants one could smell, see and also taste!

This was my first Malta Nature tour but definitely not the last – this came as a surprise to me also because I never knew we had so much fauna in the wild – Malta was like a secret garden! Rough poppies, sea daffodils, wild thyme, fennel, sulla, rice grass, Spanish welch, these were some of the fauna we came across.

Our Malta Nature tour continued with a stop for a cool drink in one of the caverns on the cliff side as it started to rain; we noticed that a fisherman was already putting down his ‘Nasses’ to take his catch of Vopi. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see if our new friend had caught any fish so we waited abit more until we continued on our tour. He was reluctant to join us on our Malta Nature tour so he could show us an interesting spot which few people knew about.

While we were walking along the cliff side we noticed that a few meters away a wild rabbit was munching away on some grass – but it immediately shot off before we could even make a step forward. Wow that was fast!

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