April 26, 2015 Karl

Malta Islands Sightseeing Tour

Malta sightseeing tour


On one of the most interesting tours we had recently we had a great day visiting the best of what Malta has to offer. We went to visit; unknown but amazing sightseeing areas of the island – I call this the Malta islands Sightseeing Tour. Our day started at a convenient hour by my guests from Australia; Mr and Mrs Lowe, who are nature lovers where overwhelmed with what Malta has to offer –

  • the wild flowers
  • the fauna
  • the seaside
  • the landscaping
  • our valleys
  • and the overall setting of Malta

The day was an early start – we headed towards the south area of the island called St Thomas bay. There we got a glimpse of Peter’s pool which is an amazing sheltered bay with turquoise waters. During our Malta islands sightseeing tour we always allow free time for anyone to do any activity they want – some went for a photo session others for a walk and Mr Lowe senior changed I to his bathers and headed for a plunge in the Meditterenean!

“Courageous” I said.
“Not really” Mr Lowe replied ” I usually have my morning swim in temperatures less then 5C this must be warm! “Splash!!! and he disappeared under the water.

That was a moment of many moments! I am happy that k tours specializes in the sourcing of moments – special ones!

After half an hour we continued on our Malta islands sightseeing tour for our next destination – wied iz zurrieq! This gorge that is a fjord like inlet is famous for the blue grotto – where the turquoise waters are highlighted in fluorescent tones! We had a snack of Maltese pastizzi which are a typical snack here on the  islands – be careful they are dangerously delicious!

Our Malta islands sightseeing tour we headed to the north side of Malta to get a quick glimpse of Gozo from one of the best view points on the island!From here we had an amazing photo shoot of Gozo and many other shots of the most amazing wild flowers and plants!

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