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Day Cruise Malta


Malta day cruise Tour

I was waiting for my guests who were from Chicago, at the port of Valletta water front; my information was that I was going to meet a lovely family to take them on one of my tours dedicated to the one day cruisers on a stop in Malta. I call it the day cruise Malta –  ‘the retrospective tour’.

I love these days because we have 8 hours together and for many these are the only few hours that would be enjoyed here – so I feel like I am an ambassador top our lovely islands.

We made our first greetings on the dock and off we went to drive around the gentlemen city of Valletta. On our way there we started to have a good chat about our day and what to expect; I was happy to share my treasure box with my guest’s host who was a very well known doctor form the States. My guest had booked about 6 months before as he had wanted to visit Malta one day and wanted a real experience of the Maltese islands; so when I had referred him to the Day cruise Malta tour – ‘Yes’ was the answer!

Valletta is a wonder of its own – and the cameras were out and snapping – my words were not enough to give this amazing city the Glory that it deserves! Nor are the photos. This place gives me the best buzz every time I visit ……The city of Valletta was mostly complete by the early 1570s, and it became the capital in 1571 when the Grandmaster moved from his seat at fort St Angelo in Vittoriosa  to the Grand masters Palace in Valletta. Seven Auberges were built for the Orders landers, and these were complete by the 1580s. An eighth Auberge of Bavarie, was later added in the 18th century….thousands of books have been written about Il Belt!

Our day cruise Malta continued as we finally headed out towards Qormi – the Maltese loaf capital! Here we got the chance to dirty our hands with some flour and do our own Malta bread – What a laugh!! We baked it and had a quick tea while we waited hearing a few stories of the fold gathering to get their lunch which was to be hopefully not our ‘loaf’!

Malta Gozo private tour

malta private tour gozoWhat a day it was – Starting our Malta Gozo private tour in the west side of Malta we headed to the most Northern tip of the island; where we could see Gozo clearly in front of us. From one side to the other we got a good eyes view of the island.

It became an even more amazing experience later as we were accompanied by dolphins towards the middle of our 25 minute journey by ferry. They were dancing in the surf and jumping from one wave to the other.
Our Malta Gozo private tour began with a very short visit to a local farmer from whom we bought fresh produce to cook what will be our lunch! Wenzu the farmer had all sorts of vegetables – carrots turnips and artichokes these fresh moments is what makes our Malta Gozo private tour special and unique. Cooking fresh produce is the most important of ways to have a wholesome meal; adding local bread and some heavy red wine just gives the extra ‘icing on the cake’.

We then headed off to one of the local beaches – where no one was around and the silence was surreal – we set up our kitchenette and started our food demo cum lunch with cooking one of the local delicacies – ‘stuffat tal majjal’ – stew of pork with red wine.
Will not say much more … the sound of the waves – the smell of the food cooking, the wine all added that special touch to already a special day and island.

We had managed to sit down for our Malta Gozo private tour lunch at the sea side just in time before the rain took over and our tour of Gozo was then a drive by of some really picturesque corners – the photos we took were now dramatized with the colour of the clouds at the background – our private tour then had a turn for the better again as the sun was back on our side.

With our bellies happily fed with we made our way to Dwejra and the Azure window with a stop off at the best view point in Malta and Gozo; Which for this moment I will keep as my best Malta Gozo private tour kept secret, here we had one of our famous K tour cocktails mixed with local wild growing ingredients like fennel and thyme.

‘Now that was the cherry on the icing’!

Custom Trip to Mellieha

Mosta Dome on our Custom Trip to Mellieha

Well starting at 8:00 am we met in the sanctity of the Mosta Dome to marvel at the World’s Third largest Unsupported Circular Dome to begin our trip to Mellieha.

After that, we got into my tailored Jeep and headed down a trek to a secluded area of the Mgarr region to witness the majestic site of Pink Flamingos migrating over Malta on their way to warmer climates, a site that would remain in the Miller Family’s memories for many years to come I’m sure.

Mr Miller was definitely ecstatic with the wonderful shot he managed to capture below:

A Flamingo in Flight on our Custom Trip to Mellieha


Lunch time on our Custom Trip to MelliehaAs the unrelenting Maltese sun started peaking at around 11.30am we headed to the shaded comfort of an Old Olive tree, that has withstood the plethora of dangers to it, to stand mightily among the beautiful Maltese countryside as a testament to the influence of the Roman Empire many centuries ago. There we had a mouthwatering table set up with traditional Maltese delicacies, as well as a couple of interesting fusion items that I created specifically for my guests.