April 25, 2018 Karl Mallia

Food for thought – Malta


I have always wanted to write a few words about how food is part of the culture of any country, city or village.

Culture – the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. The characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time is timeless.

Culture is more dynamic!. Chefs use the term “fusion kitchen” they are creating the fusion by using ingredients and ways to cook. In Malta the term fusion is part of our culture. The traditional here is a cultural fusion of tastes colours and ingredients.

What is cultural today will be traditional tomorrow.

One asks me many a time what is the traditional dish here in Malta. I answer them that the best question asked in what is the cultural dish of the country? We are far from the normal country, we are not just an island. We are an island. A big city a country; a melting pot of all nations from all the corners of the world, and the best is yet to come. Food is one of the main reasons I travel – every city country I visit I look for tours or food classes; I sample the best of street food and I sample every morsel with defined reason. I believe Malta food tours should be more available for everyone to sample. |Food for thought is a way to the heart of that country.

My mission will be just this and I will succeed.

Malta’s best is yet to come, I strongly believe this as we are now entering a phase where settlement sets. This means that the distinguished start setting new trends. The traditional merges into new forms – creating experiences. Experiences  in the smallest European island; this experiences will make you think – Food for thought!

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